‘Yellowstone’ Ratings Dominate Once Again for Season 4, Episode 3

Yellowstone, cable’s #1 drama, continues to triumph in the age of streaming against all expectations with Season 4, Episode 3.

After almost a year-and-a-half of waiting, Yellowstone Season 4 would premiere to truly stellar ratings. The Paramount Network flagship is now a bonified smash, with the two-part premiere on November 7 netting a whopping 14.7 million linear viewers in Nielsen’s L3 ratings.

Season 4, Episode 3, “All I See Is You” kept up the momentum, too. The Sunday, Nov. 14 chapter brought in 7.49 million viewers in the Western drama’s second week.

“When Yellowstone premiered in 2018, people didn’t think it was going to get as big today, but we knew,” Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment, tells Variety amidst the ratings. McCarthy’s faith in Yellowstone is so staunch, in fact, that he would use it to bolster series creator Taylor Sheridan’s next property: Mayor of Kingstown.

“The testing was through the roof leading up to the series, so we felt really good and confident about Taylor delivering only what Taylor can for us,” McCarthy continues. “And the numbers really show that. It is kind of astounding to see a new series at this stage get those numbers… I’m excited because what you have here is the beginning of another massive hit.”

MTV Entertainment CEO Foresees ‘Taylor Sheridan Dynasty’

Whether Mayor of Kingstown will evolve into the mega-hit Yellowstone is now, however, remains to be seen. It took the hit drama a solid 3 seasons to build this sort of startling viewership. The Jeremy Renner-led show is off to a strong start, though. Mayor brought in 3.2 million viewers Sunday night following Yellowstone.

“The beauty of having a show go massive right out the launch is that it really frees up our marketing resources to target brand new audiences,” McCarthy says of Kingstown’s strong debut. “On our own platforms, we’ve really honed in on bringing the Yellowstone audience for Mayor, and I also think that our incredible marketing team did a fantastic job in bringing brand new shows to this genre.

“And of course,” he adds, “Jeremy Renner’s existing fans. It was that combination that has made the show the number one original scripted series since the rebranding of Paramount Plus.”

This statistic stands true for one reason. As Yellowstone fans know, the show is not available on Paramount Plus. It’s baffling, but true. The only way to view Yellowstone live is with a cable subscription via traditional television or streaming through said service online.

Regardless, McCarthy believes “this is the start of a Taylor Sheridan dynasty” of shows. One that will grow exponentially within Paramount Network. And with spinoffs 1883 and 6666 in the works, it’s already coming true.

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