‘Yellowstone’: Ryan Bingham Predicts Meaning Behind Kayce Dutton’s Cryptic ‘End of Us’ Line

Everyone has their theories about Kayce’s line at the end of “Yellowstone” season 4, including “Yellowstone” star Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker. After Kayce’s vision quest, he told Monica that he saw “the end of us” in his mysterious last vision. The audience isn’t aware of what he saw then, but maybe we’ll find out as season 5 progresses. Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce, recently revealed what he thinks the visions could symbolize as well.

Some fans are taking Kayce’s line at face value, and thinking it means the end of Kayce and Monica’s relationship. But, what I’ve learned from “Yellowstone” is to take everything with a grain of salt; usually something cryptic like this is a warning for something bigger.

Ryan Bingham–who recently shared a clip of himself covering the Foo Fighters on guitar–shared his thoughts about the line while at an event promoting his partnership with Lone River Ranch Water. He told Us Weekly what he thought Kayce saw the end of, saying, “Probably as, like, the culture of the American West. It’s kind of a dying breed.” He explained his attachment to the lifestyle and culture, saying, “It’s definitely where I come from. I grew up like that, going to junior rodeos as a kid like you would go to Little League baseball. It wasn’t just a sport. It’s a way of life.”

It seems like Ryan Bingham also sees the figurative nature of “Yellowstone”; his theory is more on the symbolic side, instead of the staunchly literal. Makes sense, since he’s a songwriter, it’s in his nature to deal with imagery and metaphor. If anything, I trust Ryan Bingham’s interpretation more than anything. Unless Taylor Sheridan officially revealed the real meaning behind it, but only then.

Ryan Bingham Reveals His ‘Yellowstone’ Theory, Plus How Taylor Sheridan Reinvented the Western

Speaking of Taylor Sheridan, I think it’s safe to say that he basically brought the Western genre back from the brink of extinction. Not singlehandedly, of course, but as far as modern Westerns go, I feel like Sheridan had a huge hand in bringing it into the mainstream. But how did he do it? What was the process that led Taylor Sheridan to reinvent the modern Western?

Sheridan began as an actor, as anyone who’s seen “Sons of Anarchy” knows. But he was constantly cast in minor supporting roles. Sheridan discovered that acting wasn’t where he really flourished; writing was. He began writing a number of neo-Westerns, like “Sicario” in 2015, and “Hell or High Water” in 2016. He drew heavily on things he knew in his life: places he’d lived and people he’d met.

Though it took a few seasons to really sink its teeth into the average TV viewer, “Yellowstone” is now one of the highest-rated TV shows of all time. Season 4 was the most-watched season of television for 2021 and 2022 by a large margin. It has really become synonymous with Westerns and introduced a new era of fans to the genre.

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