‘Yellowstone’ Star Finn Little Posts Throwback Photo with Horse Trainer, Co-Star Jake Ream

“Yellowstone” star Finn Little is one tough cowboy in the making. He’s taking after ringleader Rip Wheeler as of season four while working in the stables and learning the ropes of the ranch as the runaway Carter. And while his stay hasn’t been entirely easy, Little is loving his time playing the misfit character – and he’s showcasing just how much fun he’s having on horseback.

In a new photo on Instagram, Little is throwing it back to his days on set with his horse trainer and fellow “Yellowstone” trainer Jake Ream.

TBT: 2019 – Jake Ream and Cisco. “THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD,” Little captions the photo.

The two actors stand in front of a gorgeous Montana setting while Little wears a cowboy hat and Ream poses in glasses with Cisco the horse. They both have big smiles for the camera as Little trains on horseback.

The young “Yellowstone” actor notably joins the cast after his father dies of a drug overdose and he bonds with Beth Dutton at the hospital, His initial rough exterior puts off Rip Wheeler, who makes him sleep in the barn and earn his keep on the ranch.

“Yellowstone’s” Carter Looks for Acceptance

However, he quickly finds his way into all our hearts after finding a reason to thrive and be a diligent ranch hand, getting to the barn before anyone else in the morning. And while Beth and Rip haven’t exactly adopted him, he’s warming their hearts day after day.

Further, the character’s future is uncertain moving into season five of the show, but regardless, Little is happy for the support everyone has shown for the character.

He also writes in a separate Instagram post how thrilled he is with the audience’s response to Carter and all his mischievous adventures.

 “THANKS EVERYONE for all the support you have shown “Carter” over the last 10 weeks. It has been a ride! …. trying to smoke, hospitals, black eyes, rides in the back of the sheriffs car, car rides with Beth, truck rides with Rip, hamburger/tuna helper, giving Rip the bird roadside, horseshit, shopping trips – that turned to shit, sleeping in the barn, learning about horses, learning to rope, saying sorry, new clothes, dinner in the lodge, latin lessons cake with steak, more horseshit, learning to ride with John Dutton (sir, I mean Sir) and playing poker with the crazy Bunkhouse Boys and ‘Peter’ (I mean Teeter!) You’ll LOVE the season 4 finale! Buckle Up! Thanks again!”

Additionally, in the season four finale, we see a Carter who is desperate to find acceptance among Beth and Rip. Though Beth tells him she’s not, and will never be his mother, he’s still looking to her, John, and Rip for acceptance and guidance.

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