‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Wants to Be More ‘Assertive’ Like Cole Hauser

Whether you want to admit it or not, we all wish we could be half as assertive as the “Yellowstone” character Rip Wheeler. And while his actor Cole Hauser likely isn’t as threatening off-screen as we find him to be on screen, fellow “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White still believes the Rip Wheeler actor is the “scariest guy on set.” That said, White wants to learn to be as assertive as his costar.

While speaking with Us Weekly, Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom in the neo-Western, gave some insight regarding what goes on behind the scenes of “Yellowstone.” He also shared his thoughts on his fellow costars.

Of Cole Hauser, he said, “Cole Hauser [is]…very funny, but probably the scariest guy on set for me.”

That’s not to say the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor doesn’t absolutely love his fellow cast member. He said of the Rip Wheeler actor, “I’m trying to learn from Cole Hauser how to be assertive as an actor.”

He then explained why.

“As an actor, you’re working these 16-hour days, [so] you kind of have to advocate for yourself in certain ways.”

Jefferson White further said of Hauser, “Rip is such a leader, but Cole is also such a leader. He is always making sure we have what we need to do our job and to take care of ourselves. So that’s something I’m at least trying to learn from Cole. I really look up to him in that way.”

Jefferson White is Thoroughly Terrified of Cole Hauser

As much as Jefferson White praised Cole Hauser and shared his admiration for the man as an actor, he also mentioned that the Rip Wheeler actor is probably the scariest guy on set. It seems the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor thoroughly believes that to be true. At the end of last year, during a segment of “Stories From the Bunkhouse,” Jefferson White again admitted that he’s pretty much terrified of Cole Hauser.

The December segment featured, of course, Jefferson White, alongside Colby actor Denim Richards and Ryan actor Ian Bohen. The three men discussed the series of events that took place in season four when Teeter nearly lost her job at the Dutton Ranch.

John Dutton nearly sends her packing, but thanks to Rip, she’s able to keep her job and move back into the bunkhouse. At that, she reaches up to hug the gruff cowboy around the waist, Rip planted in the saddle upon his horse.

Of that particular scene, Bohen asked White, “Have you had the instinct during an acting scene to physically touch Cole Hauser?”

White’s response was hilarious.

“No, I’m terrified of [Cole Hauser],” the actor admitted. “He’d pick me up by the scruff of my neck, and punt me.”

Hauser and White have definitely shared some humorous scenes during their time together on “Yellowstone,” but the sight of the Rip Wheeler actor punting lanky Jimmy across a horse corral or something is absolutely hysterical.

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