‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reveals One of His ‘Favorite Parts of Touring’ Is How His Band Ends Every Show

Superstar actor and Yellowstone star Kevin Costner tours with a band called Modern West when he’s not acting, and the group has a fun ritual for the end of every show. Costner posted a video of the on-stage celebration to his Instagram account recently.

Apparently, at the end of every Modern West show, the band likes to pop a bottle of champagne in the crowd’s honor. Costner then pours a round of bubbly for the band and they all take a victory sip to celebrate another successful performance.

The video comes from the band’s stop at the Homestead Festival in Columbia, Tenn., this week. The caption simply reads: “We had a blast seeing all of you.” But the video text explained the ritual in a bit more detail. In true showman fashion, Costner pops the cork into the crowd and then pours himself a glass as the video winds down.

Costner and his friends John Coinman and Blair Forward started their band back in the 1980s under a different name, but reunited in 2005 as Modern West. In the years since they have played whenever Costner found time in his acting schedule. Costner said when he reached out to his old pals about possibly reuniting, he did so with intentions to fall in love with music again.

“I just wanted to see if music made me happy again. I know that sounds a little trivial,” he said. “But I didn’t want to let music pass me by a second time. I just wanted to play. And I wanted to make original music with my friends.”

Kevin Costner’s side project is picking up steam

Modern West eventually morphed into a six-piece country-rock outfit. The Yellowstone star said the camaraderie of the group makes the hectic schedule worth it.

“The thing about music is I can be with my friends and we can make music and there’s some kind of bond that comes with just being in the room together,” Costner said in a 2014 interview. “I get a lot just from the camaraderie. Sometimes when the guitars are set down, the discussions that come out of it are very satisfying.”

Costner also said that playing music represents a chance to quell some future regrets.

“You know, you dream about maybe doing those things and think you can, and you just don’t want to end up in your life saying, ‘I could have done that,’” Costner said. “There comes a time where you kind of have to sit down and bore into it.”

The band recently released an album called Tales From Yellowstone in 2020, which certainly helped broaden their appeal. The album deals with thoughts and worries directly from the mind of John Dutton.

“This project was really special to me and the band—a chance to get into the mind of John Dutton, my character on Yellowstone, and express his emotions musically,” Costner wrote on social media last year.

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