‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Are Just Now Making Major Discovery About ‘Teeter’ Star Jen Landon

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon isn’t the only famous actor in her family as Hollywood stardom runs in her veins via her father.

On “Yellowstone,” Landon plays the tough-talking but lovable “Teeter,” the only female residing inside the bunkhouse. She is the daughter of Hollywood icon, Michael Landon, and it’s obvious that Michael’s acting gene was passed to Jen.

Michael Landon was a star among stars during his time on the lighted stage. He’s most noted for his roles in “Bonanza” and “Little House on the Prairie.” He is also known for his starring role as Jonathan Smith in “Highway to Heaven” among many other accomplishments. In a testament to his popularity, Michael Landon appears on the cover of “TV Guide” 22 times. That total ranks him second all-time, behind only television icon Lucille Ball. He passed away in 1991 at the age of 61.

Since joining the “Yellowstone” cast in a previous season, Jen Landon’s Teeter has grown into a fan favorite. Despite her show business lineage, some “Yellowstone” fans were unaware that Michael Landon was her father. In a recent Reddit thread, posters discuss and compare the famous father and daughter combo.

“I was looking through the cast profiles just for fun and saw that Teeter, played by Jennifer Landon, is one of Micheal Landon’s children,” the Redditor writes. “I don’t know how many people on this thread already knew that, but yeah! Wow. For those who might not realize who Micheal Landon was, he played Pa on ‘Little House on the Prairie.’”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discover Jen Landon

This bit of information was a revelation to several “Yellowstone” fans who quickly join the discussion. The thread became a detailed history of Jen and Michael Landon’s careers.

“And she played Pope’s girlfriend Amy on ‘Animal Kingdom,’” another poster writes. “Great actress with great range!”

“Yellowstone” fans are pondering just what the new season has in store for Jen Landon and Teeter. She didn’t exactly have a smooth run in season three, to say the least.

Teeter and fellow Yellowstone ranch hand, Colby, are nearly trampled to death by Wade and Clint Morrow near the end of the season. Surviving the incident, Colby finally gives in to his feelings for Teeter, and a romance between the ranch hands is born.

We also see both Teeter and Colby earn their “Yellowstone” brand by participating in the execution of the Morrows. Now officially a member of the Yellowstone family, Teeter’s role on the show should continue to grow in the new season.

The unlikely romance between her and Colby is a storyline that definitely deserves more exploration. Fans of the show have already been clamoring for more screen time for the odd couple. It would be wise of “Yellowstone” writers to oblige their fans with more of Teeter and Colby.

Still no word on when season four will begin but it should be drawing close.

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