Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner on Emmy Recognition: ‘You Always Hope Your Work’s Not Disposable’

As 2022’s Emmy contention heats up, Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner is speaking out on the show’s uptick in awards recognition. Could a record-smashing Season 4 take Yellowstone from an Emmys outsider to a clean sweep? Taking a break from production on Season 5, Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly took the time to speak with ABC‘s Good Morning America on this and much more.

When broaching the Emmys subject, Costner shoot straight as he typically does. “You always hope that your work’s not disposable,” he smiles. No one wants to pour their heart and soul into a creative project only to have it be dismissed by their industry. And the man behind John Dutton, now one of television’s most famous characters, is no different.

“But we’ve been working for four years,” the Hollywood icon continues. “So I think the lesson there is we worked just as hard the first year and the second year and the third year, and nothing changes with this.”

In short: it’s not about the awards. It’s about the work, Costner says; something his brilliant co-star echoes.

“I personally feel excited that we’re in those conversations right now, because I think we deserve to be,” Kelly Reilly offers for GMA. “But at the same time, I know all of us go work for the characters and the show” as opposed to awards, she adds.

What Are Kevin Costner & Kelly Reilly’s Emmy Chances with ‘Yellowstone’?

As GMA cites in their segment, Yellowstone‘s awards recognition in 2022 so far has the show positioned as a Primetime Emmys favorite with critics. After a phenomenal fourth season, both the Producers Guild and Screen Actors Guild would nominate Yellowstone for prestigious industry awards. Then, it took home ACM’s Film Award for 2022. Are long-overdue Emmy wins next?

Despite a win tally of zero, ‘Yellowstone’ has seen one past Emmy Nomination:

  • Category: Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour Or More) – 2021
  • Nominee: Yellowstone Season 3, Episode 4, “Going Back To Cali”
    • Cary White, Production Designer
    • Yvonne Boudreaux, Art Director
    • Carla Curry, Set Decorator

The show didn’t end up winning the category. But things could turn out quite different in 2022. This year, the #1 show on television was submitted across the board.

Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios chief Chris McCarthy is pushing Yellowstone for Best Drama Series, which is no surprise. Neither is Kevin Costner as Leading Actor in a Drama, nor is a much-deserved nod for Kelly Reilly as Lead Actress in a Drama (as opposed to supporting actress). But these are only the forefront, with McCarthy & Co. pushing a good two-dozen other nominations (full list here).

Regardless of what happens at the Emmys, “I don’t think people will ever tire of the images of running rivers, and [moving] through mountains that have stood the test of time and been there forever,” Kevin Costner says of Yellowstone’s appeal. And we think he’s quite right.

Yellowstone returns with Season 5 come this November 13, exclusively on Paramount Network.

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