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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Cars On The Show, Ranked By Price

The cars in Breaking Bad might not be million-dollar Ferraris, but a few nice vehicles still made their way to the drug-ridden world of Albuquerque.

Breaking Bad is no Fast & Furious, hence $2 million supercars cannot be spotted. Despite owning a very successful restaurant chain and moving drugs worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually, Gus Fring only moves around in a Volvo V70. And for a long time, Walt drives a Pontiac Aztek which has been dubbed one of the ugliest cars ever made.

In as much as the characters involved in the drug lord would love to be speeding in Ferraris since they can afford it, they are aware that such a move would have law enforcement officers breathing down their necks. Despite most of the cars being cheap, there are plenty of tasteful ones too.

2009 Dodge Challenger – $11,900

Walter Jr prepares to test-drive his 2009 Dodge Challenger

This is the first car that Walt Jr. aka Flynn owns. During a breakfast argument about Walt’s ‘gambling addiction,’ everyone in the family become angry at each other. To please his son, Walt makes an impulsive decision to pass by a car dealership as he is driving Flynn to school.

Packed with drug money, Walt buys Flynn a cool 2009 Dodge Challenger but Skyler later asks him to take it back because it would put them in the spotlight due to its fancy look and price. Instead of returning the car, Walt takes the car to an empty parking lot where he performs Jeremy Clarkson’s stunts before lighting it on fire.

2008 Mercedes Benz CLS – $12,000

The Cousins visit the shrine in Mexico

The Mercedes Benz only appears briefly in Season 3 when The Cousins ​​drive to a Mexican village where they encounter several villagers crawling to the same place. There, they park the car and crawl to a scary candlelit shrine. It emerges that the shrine is where people worship Santa Muerte, a Mexican deity representing death.

After making offerings, the cousins drive to a farmhouse where they remove their suits. They then deposit the car keys on a goat’s horn and walk away. With a $12,000 current market price any drug enforcer can afford the German car.

2011 Dodge Durango – $15,000

Hank crashes into a mailbox

This is the car allocated to all top agents by the DEA in the series. As a high-functioning SUV, it’s definitely perfect for chasing criminals through all kinds of roads and terrains. When Gomez goes to search the industrial facility that is being suspected of housing the Super Lab, he arrives in this car model.

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Hank also drives the Dodge Durango a number of times. After he discovers how Walt has been deceiving him, he loses focus, causing him to veer off the road and hit a mailbox. Its $15,000 price tag would be no problem for an agency using taxpayer’s money.

2007 Cadillac Escalade – $16,000

Tuco, No-Dpze and Gonzo head back to the car after a meeting with Walt and Jesse

Juarez Cartel’s high-ranking member Tuco Salamanca moves around Albuquerque in a Cadillac Escalade. It’s a great car but as a drug kingpin, its price wouldn’t even make him flinch.

Tuco shows up in the vehicle when he meets Jesse and Walt at the auto junkyard. He brutally beats up his henchman No-D0ze when he speaks out of turn before driving away with him. Upon realizing that No-Doze is not breathing, he returns and blocks Walt and Jesse with the Cadillac and compels them to save his life, something they are unable to do.

2009 Mercedes Benz SL 550 – $16,500

Ted stares back at his car while chatting with Skyler

Skyler’s lover and boss Ted Beneke gets in trouble with the IRS when Beneke Fabricators fails to pay $617,000 in taxes. In order to prevent him from going to jail, Skyler gives Ted some of Walt’s money, making it look like it’s an inheritance from an aunt he never knew.

Instead of paying the IRS, Ted uses the money on his own lavish expenses. He also buys a 2009 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 convertible. With over $600,000, he could have afforded plenty of those if he wanted. As expected, this move angers Skyler who sends goons to intimidate him. Unfortunately, he gets injured and paralyzed while trying to escape.

2011 Jeep Wrangler – $17,000

Ed delivers supplies to Walt in New Hampshire

When Walt hides out from the authorities in New Hampshire after getting exposed as Heisenberg, Ed aka The Disappearer delivers monthly supplies to him using the Jeep Wrangler.

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Though he might appear modest, Ed is definitely a well-off man. He charges nothing less than $100,000 to set up people with new lives. The $17,000 price tag must have felt like nothing to him. There is the possibility that he bought it at a much cheaper price too since that was way back in 2013.

1988 Chrysler Fifth Avenue – $17,200

Mike and Jesse make collection stops

Mike has had this car for years as he is said to have purchased it even before the events of Better Call Saul. Though he was a parking lot attendant, he also had a history of being a corrupt cop hence he must have afforded it easily. It must have been cheaper in the early 2000s but at the amount, one would have to part with about 17k.

The car gets damaged after Jesse uses it to ram a criminal and another vehicle in an attempted robbery that he didn’t know was staged by Gus. The Los Pollos Hermanos owner promises Mike to pay for the repair.

2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6 – $22,000

Walt washes Chad's car at A1A car wash on Breaking Bad

Before Walt gets his big break as America’s best meth cook, he works two jobs to make ends meet. When he is not teaching, he does some hours at the A1A Car Wash. There, the owner Bogdan Wolynetz bullies employees, even making cashiers scrub cars.

One of Walt’s students named Chad drives his Chevrolet Corvette C6 to the car wash and notices that the person cleaning it his Chemistry teacher Walt. He goes on to laugh and take pictures, intimidating Walt in the process. The incident is part of what drives Walt to quit and consider a career change. That’s quite an expensive car for a student too.

Chrysler 300 SRT-8 – $47,000

Walt enters his Chrysler 300 SRT-8

Walt forks out a hefty amount (though pocket change to him) to get the Chrysler 300 SRT-8 as a present for himself on his 51st birthday. He has been ‘cooking’ hard and he definitely deserves it.

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The car is involved in one of the tensest scenes in the series when Walt speeds to the desert after Jesse lies to him that he is burning his money. Walt reminds one of Dominic Toretto as he overtakes other cars with ease and ignores every traffic light. Sadly, the car gets damaged after being hit by bullets during the shootout between Hank and Jack Welker’s gang.

2004 Bentley Continental GT – $50,000

Walt stares at Gretchen's 2004 Bentley Continental GT

It’s no surprise that the show’s billionaire couple also has the most expensive car. The car belongs to Grey Matter Technologies owners Gretchen and Elliot. Gretchen drives the car to Walt’s house when Skyler invites over to thank her for paying for the cancer treatment. Skyler then realizes that Walt was lying and Gretchen never paid for it.

And after Walt gets exposed as Heisenberg, he returns to Albuquerque to arm-twist Gretchen and Elliott into giving his money to Walt Jr. when he turns 18. Before approaching them, he watches them as they carry food from the Bentley.

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