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D&D Moral Alignments For Breaking Bad’s Side Characters

Breaking Bad was known for its compelling characters, including side characters. Here are the D&D alignments of its side characters.

Breaking Bad has so many interesting, well-written characters that some of the equally compelling, but smaller side characters have plenty to examine as well. Whether they were around for a (literally) criminally short amount of time or somehow lasted to the end, they all had moments big enough to be worth remembering.

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Walter White’s journey, from “Mr. Chips to Scarface,”‘ as creator Vince Gilligan put it, weaves through and around these characters, and rarely for the better. Spoiler Alert: this list could also be about the people whose lives were ruined/ended as a result of Walt’s machinations. These are the notable “next-of-kin” to the main Breaking Bad family, and where they fall on the moral and ethical alignment charts of Dungeons & Dragons.

Andrea Cantillo: Neutral Good

When we meet her she’s kicking a drug habit and outside of an initial hiccup is trying to be a good mother to her kid, Brock. Besides that blip, she’s shown as a caring influence on Jesse as well.

She is another mostly good person who brushed the edges of Walt’s world and paid the ultimate price for doing so.

Hector/Tuco & All Salamancas: Neutral Evil

If “volatility” is passed through DNA, then the Salamanca Clan has a virulent strain. Vicious, explosive, and killers to any man, the only thing holding them somewhat on course are their business and family loyalties.

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They eschew the law in almost every scene we see them in, whether it’s Hector, Tuco, The Twins, or even Tuco’s sweet Abuelita in Better Call Saul who tries to get away with a “Hit and Run.” If not for their twisted “code” they would be chaos incarnate.

Badger & Skinny Pete: True Neutral

These guys are goofy ne’er-do-wells who orbit Jesse for most of their screentime. Even though they are not directly evil, they do let opportunities put in front of them dictate their actions regardless of the law. Only when the heat is real do they refrain from taking whatever isn’t nailed down.

They don’t want to hurt anyone, though, causing them to shy away from any violence when push comes to shove. If not for the copious drug-taking, they seem like they would be almost fun to hang out with. They seem like okay dudes, but you would not want to have them around anyone you want to protect.

Marie Schrader: Neutral Good

Marie Schrader talking with Skyler in Breaking Bad in bedroom

Hank’s wife sometimes couldn’t help herself with some of her behavior, but otherwise, she was firmly on the side of good. Excepting some passive-aggressive badgering and the occasional stolen item, she was a resolute companion to Hank and a quirky but fun Aunt to Walt Jr., and later, Holly.

We all know someone like Marie who, even though they can be infuriating, come through more often than not, even if you do want to strangle them sometimes. That said, “being frustrating isn’t being evil,” so she lands right-side up.

Ted Beneke: Neutral Good

Ted Beneke rs

Ted is a bit of a simpleton who wanted to skate by without paying the costs of doing business, in more than one sense. Naive to the hornet’s nest he’d inadvertently kicked, his bumbling escape and karmically-twisted comeuppance epitomized his entire journey.

His tax dodging and his extra-marital affair with Skyler aside, he was focused on providing for his girls and keeping his company afloat so people would not lose their jobs.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: Lawful Evil

Lydia was seemingly devoted to making a lot of money by any means necessary. Lydia, along with Fring and the head of Madrigal, all want to replace The Cartel as a world-wide power in methamphetamine distribution.

She is cunning, and when push comes to shove, she wants any “loose ends” put to the bullet.

Kuby & Huell: Lawful Neutral

Breaking Bad Kuby Huell money

All you need to know about Huell and Kuby is that while they’ll do bad things for a price, but they’ll also abide by rules set out for them. How else can you explain them literally lounging on millions of dollars of drug money and still fulfilling their “contracts” to keep it safe?

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The worst thing we see either of them do is pick-pocketing or forcing someone to pay their taxes. Every “bad” act was done under instructions and for money, so their actions are not enough to be considered evil or chaotic.

Jane Margolis: True Neutral

Jane smoking and looking at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Jane was digging herself out of addiction when she entered the Breaking Bad universe, and, unfortunately, Jesse brought out all of her worst instincts.

Relapsing into heroin use and eventually trying to blackmail Walt, she fell away from good or lawful. and lost her moral compass.

Don Eladio: Neutral Evil

Steven Bauer as Don Eladio in Breaking Bad

Don Eladio is the head of The Cartel down in Mexico and the man who is, directly and indirectly, responsible for countless lost. No amount of affable personality can assuage his deeds. When you consider murdering someone’s partner in front of their eyes as a “slap on the wrist to bring them in line,” you are off the deep end of evil.

Also, being the head of The Cartel, he’s not even bound by the family-style hierarchy since he could alter any relationship he deems necessary. A loose cannon at the head of an army is never good and is hardly in sync with actual law.

Krazy-8 (Ocho Loco): Lawful Neutral

Krazy-8 in Breaking Bad

Krazy-8 was Walt’s first big moral test. Krazy-8 turned out to be a DEA informant, but his involvement initially with Hector Salamanca and The Cartel indicates he hardly began on the side of good.

He dabbled in the dark but when you’re hooked in with law enforcement you’ve got to be classified as lawful in some regard.

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