‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wonder About a Garrett Randall Loose End From Season 4

Since Yellowstone Season 4 came to an end a couple of weeks ago, fans have been left with a gaping void in their Sunday night television viewing. Yet the absence of the show has given fans time to ponder the most recent season, and questions have definitely been raised. Recently, numerous fans of the hit Paramount series have questioned one loose end about Garrett Randall and his involvement with the hit put out on the Dutton family.

The Yellowstone finale brought an abrupt end to Jamie Dutton and his biological father’s budding father-son relationship. For most of his life, Jamie assumed John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to be his dad. However, in a shocking turn of events during Season 3, fans found out that the Duttons adopted their second-eldest son.

Jamie has always felt different from his siblings, and that was confirmed in spades with the discovery of his true birth parents. After he seeks out his real father, Randall inserts himself into Jamie’s feud with the Dutton family. In fact, it turns out that Randall is to blame for the hit on the entire Dutton family at the end of Season 3.

Randall spent most of his life behind bars for the murder of Jamie’s mother. So it’s surprising that he had the means to pull off the huge attack. Yellowstone fans aren’t buying it and spoke up about the plot hole recently on the show’s Reddit page.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Randall’s Ability To Pull Off the Attack Against the Duttons

Most fans thought someone at Market Equities was behind the attacks on the Duttons. The corporation is still trying to take over the Dutton’s land. In one of the more stunning moments in Season 4 though, Jamie finds out his biological father is responsible. However, fans couldn’t help but call that into question earlier today.

A fan of the show started a conversation under the title “How did Jamie’s real father [pay] for attacks on Dutton family?” The common answer in the thread is that no one truly knows how Randall pulled it off. We all know he filtered the job through a man named Riggins who he knew in jail. Riggins then hired the militia to attack the Duttons.

Yet Yellowstone doesn’t explain how Randall paid for such a huge coordinated attack with so many people involved. Nor did the show explain if Riggins owed Randall a huge favor or something else along those lines. One thing fans seem to agree on though is that we either might find out next season, or we may never know at all.

“It’s a mystery. Maybe he was a front for some big conglomeration? We may never know,” one Yellowstone fan said.

“That hasn’t been addressed,” another fan chimed in. “It may not be, as there are many loose ends from earlier seasons we have yet to see tied up.”

“We don’t know. Maybe it will be revealed next season, maybe not. Just go with it,” a third Yellowstone fan wrote.

This isn’t the first loose end by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and the show’s writers. The Season 4 finale seemingly brought an indefinite end to the Garrett Randall storyline. But we wouldn’t be surprised if the series has more up its sleeve in Season 5. So stay tuned.

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