‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Production Officially Begins: Here’s What We Know

Production on “Yellowstone” season 5 is officially underway, and we’ve figured out a few interesting things about the new season.

First of all, a recap of the end of season 4; Beth and Rip had an impromptu wedding, Beth blackmailed Jamie, then Jamie killed his biological father Garrett Randall. Additionally, Kayce saw the “end of us” in his vision quest, and we’ve been wracking our brains for months trying to figure that one out.

Lastly, John got Summer’s prison sentence reduced, and Jimmy made the tough decision of choosing between two girlfriends and two ranches. Ultimately, he chose Emily and the Four-Sixes in Texas.

Now that we’ve had a refresher, what’s new about season 5? Previously, we heard from Rainwater actor Gil Birmingham that the cast hadn’t even received scripts yet. Recently, Kelsey Asbille mentioned that she was reading the script, and knew what “the end of us” meant. And now, production is neatly underway after a record-breaking season 4 finale, per TV Line. Looks like things are falling into place.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Will Be Split Into Two Parts

Paramount is taking a page from Netflix’s book, apparently; similar to the final season of “Ozark,” season 5 of “Yellowstone” will be 14 episodes split into two 7-episode parts. Paramount confirmed in February 2022 that production would begin in May, just three months after the official season 5 renewal.

Of the renewal, Chris McCarthy, ViacomCBS Media Networks CEO, said that “’Yellowstone’s record-breaking performance proves we’ve tapped a cultural nerve and unleashed a passionate audience from the center of the country to each of the coasts […] this new season is sure to be another one fans won’t want to miss.”

We’re gearing up for something truly spectacular in season 5. Who knows if this will be the final season–most likely not–but I get the feeling things are coming to a close sooner rather than later. One thing is for sure: we’ll keep watching until Taylor Sheridan decides he’s reinvented the Western enough.

Two Supporting Actors Are Bumped Up to Series Regulars

In other season 5 news, “Yellowstone” stars Jen Landon and Kathryn Kelly will be bumped from occasional appearances to full-fledged series regulars. Landon plays Teeter, our favorite foul-mouthed yet dedicated ranch hand, and Kelly portrays newcomer Emily from Four-Sixes, Jimmy’s new fiancée.

In season 4, Teeter had to fight for her job, begging John Dutton to let her stay on as a ranch hand. After a fight between Lloyd and Walker, John fired all the women on the ranch, Teeter included. Teeter is one of the best, though, and both John and Rip know it. Jen Landon delivered a heartfelt performance, begging for her job and her place on the ranch again. She belonged there, and she proved it, evident in the brand on her chest.

Meanwhile, Kathryn Kelly’s Emily is helping Jimmy become a better man; she respects him in a way Mia never really did. He has more confidence, more drive, and he feels like he belongs at the Four-Sixes. All it took was a little work and a good woman to make him believe he was worth something. Way to go, Jimmy, way to go.

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