‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser’s Wife Sends Heartfelt Message to Him With New Tropical Pic

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has turned veteran actor Cole Hauser into a Hollywood star and household name.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Cole Hauser is a pretty regular husband and father. He loves spending time with his young family and often shares his adventures with fans via social media. He and his wife, Cynthia Hauser, have two teenage sons and a young daughter. The picture-perfect family loves going on adventures together including camping trips and skiing trips. Like her husband, Cynthia Hauser also loves sharing her family’s activities with her social media followers. The happy couple appears to have spent some time in a tropical destination recently. Cynthia shared a photo from their most recent excursion on her Instagram page. Along with a photo of the two enjoying their time together, Cynthia has some loving words for her “Yellowstone” star husband.

Though we are a day past the Thanksgiving holiday, Mrs. Hauser is sharing her thankfulness in the post. She is thankful to have Cole Hauser in her and their family’s life.

“My bay until the end,” she says in the social media post’s caption space. “I am so thankful for you.”

Cynthia also uses a few hashtags to describe her husband’s best traits. Loyal, protective, giving and loving are a few of the characteristics she appreciates in her husband.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Been a Wild Ride for Cole Hauser

On “Yellowstone,” Hauser plays the rough and tough bunkhouse leader Rip Wheeler. Big, burly and tough as nails, not many dare cross Rip and if they do — well they’ll live to regret it.

Rip is a fine cowboy capable of roping up wayward cattle and keeping the bunkhouse crew in line. His true value to the “Yellowstone” Ranch, however, comes from being the Dutton family’s loyal enforcer. Rip is deeply loyal to the Dutton family and especially family patriarch John Dutton. Any enemies of John Dutton are also enemies of Rip Wheeler. We have seen time and time again that Rip has zero qualms about taking care of John Dutton’s dirty work. Taken in by John when he was just a young kid, he works hard to repay that debt each and every day. He more than earns his keep on the ranch in both his cowboy and enforcer roles.

Through four episodes of the fourth “Yellowstone” season, we have seen trials and tribulations come Rip’s way. The season began with Rip rushing to save John Dutton’s life after his future father-in-law was shot in the chest several times. He is able to get John some medical attention just in time.

Now, Rip is settling into family life with his future bride, Beth Dutton. The two are also trying their hand at parenting with the recently orphaned Carter. That situation has and will likely continue creating tense moments in the fourth “Yellowstone” season.

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