‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Premiere Date Announced

Hot on the heels of Harrison Ford joining prequel 1932, Kevin Costner reveals the Yellowstone Season 5 release date!

“I hope y’all are ready for another wild ride,” announces Costner on his official Instagram Wednesday. In a first-look reveal, the John Dutton icon has the long-awaited premiere date for Yellowstone Season 5: Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Yellowstone fans are absolutely losing it in the comments, and rightfully so. November 13 will see the return of television’s #1 show and family, continuing the legacy of the Duttons.

And Season 5 is to be the biggest season yet. Literally. In fact, Paramount is shaking things up with a whole new structure.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 To House Whopping 14 Episodes Starting This November

Specifically, ViacomCBS will expand the next season by 4 episodes. As a result, Season 5 will be the longest yet by far, but we’re not getting them all at once.

To confirm, Yellowstone Season 5 will be 14 episodes long. The news follows ViacomCBS’s investor presentation in February, There’s one hiccup, however.

Yellowstone Season 5 will be split into two 7-episode halves. And as was the case with Season 4, Season 5 will be used to launch several new properties from Sheridan, as well.

“We want to double down on that momentum and not waste it,” offers Chris McCarthy, chief executive of ViacomCBS Media Networks and MTV Entertainment studios upon the announcement back in Feburary. McCarthy co-produces all current Yellowstone properties with Sheridan’s 101 Studios.

Indeed, Yellowstone Season 5 will serve as Paramount’s launching pad both 6666 and 1932, with Taylor Sheridan’s gargantuan $200 million production deal with ViacomCBS will continue to take center stage. This means more time within Yellowstone proper devoted to setting up spinoffs; a phenomenon met with mixed reviews from Season 4 viewers.

Although a record-smashing success, audiences sat through extensive exposition for Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) during his Season 4 6666 exploits. So Yellowstone Season 5 may be longer, but how much time will be devoted to spinoffs by Sheridan is unknown. How Paramount Network will orchestrate a two-part single season isn’t clear, either.

We do know, however, that it all begins November 13, 2022. Saddle up, Outsiders!

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